Transitions All Settled


I just published a JavaScript library called transitions-all-settled that allows you to wait for CSS transitions to settle before you do something.

The package exports a single function that accepts an HTML node and returns a promise. The promise resolves when all CSS transitions on the HTML node and its children have settled.

import { transitionsAllSettled } from "transitions-all-settled";

await transitionsAllSettled(node);

The term “settled” means that if a node received a transitionstart event, it also received a transitionend or transitioncancel event.

This is useful for exit animations to wait for all CSS transitions to settle before removing the node from the DOM.

Here is a demo. Click any square.

Here’s the code that makes that happen. Here’s the HTML.

<div id="canvas" class="flow">
  <div class="square first"></div>
  <div class="square second"></div>
  <div class="square third"></div>

The CSS.

.square {
  width: var(--step-3);
  height: var(--step-3);
  background-color: var(--color-text);
  transition-duration: 1s;
.clicked .square {
  background-color: var(--color-primary);
  transform: translateX(100%) rotate(90deg);
.first {
  transition-delay: 0;
.second {
  transition-delay: 500ms;
.third {
  transition-delay: 1000ms;

Here’s the JavaScript.

import { transitionsAllSettled } from "transitions-all-settled";

const canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");

canvas.addEventListener("click", async () => {
  await transitionsAllSettled(canvas);
  alert("Transitions All Settled");

The package is very small. Take a look at the source to see exactly how it works.

GitHub: jameskerr/transitions-all-settled

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