James Kerr

I Have Enough

I have enough food in my kitchen.

I have enough water to drink.

I have enough clothes to wear.

I have enough things in my house.

I have enough skill to work.

I have enough ideas to think.

I have enough people that love me.

I have enough people to love.

I have enough people to talk to.

I have enough people to laugh with.

I have enough time to relax.

I have enough life to experience.

I have enough.


A quote from my from my pastor last week at church has been rolling around in my head all this week.

“Money is a useful tool for moving things around, so that everyone can have what they need.”

It made me think of “everything I need.” Truth is, I have too many things. I don’t want more things around me. Yet, I always wish I had more money. For what? I was then inspired to think of all the ways I have enough and write it up in a poem.

What a liberating thing to realize.


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