Joshua Tree Trip


We took a trip down to Joshua Tree this weekend for a cousin’s wedding. For the first time, I could appreciate the gifts of a desert climate. There is much less visual input stimulating the brain. The plants don’t grow dense or tall so you can see everything around you. It’s calming not to wonder what’s behind the trees. And the heat makes you want to just sleep or sit in the pool or not do anything. If you need to rest or think, the dessert is a great place to do it.

We drove to the Hi-View Trailhead outside of Yucca Valley and walked about 100 feet down the path from the parking lot before turning back. Short, sweet and hot. But long enough to take some great photos of the Joshua Trees.

Later that day we left the kids with Papa and headed to the wedding. Vanessa and Sarah put the final touches on the wedding cake which traveled all the way from San Francisco.

The next day we stopped by Hemet, CA to visit grandparents. They fired up the 1940s era bulldozer that was in full working order.

My favorite picture of the weekend. There is symbolism here that I can’t fully put words to. The great-grandmother with her cane, leaning the on the powerful machine of the past, looking down at the toddlers who carry the future. Just beautiful.

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