Let It Flow


I was just in the gym and as I lifted a weight I thought of the energy flowing out of me to lift it. I thought, it’s good for me to get this energy out. It feels good and my body is healthier when I send the energy out into the weight.

Then I exhaled. That air was also flowing out of me. It was good for it to go out of me. If I held it in, I would be poisoned. It needed to leave for me to live.

Then I thought about my work. I have these words, ideas, and products that cry out for extraction.

And money. What is money if it doesn’t leave me? It’s nothing. Useless paper.

Then there is my love. It too must leave. Out of me and into others.

Of course, there is time. It’s always leaving me. Coming and going. Moving. Flowing. Starting and ending and starting forever.

And music, and sports, and art, and food, and relationships, and kids, and feelings, and God. They all must flow in and flow out.

It seems that, to achieve fulfillment, everything must come out of me. To hold on to anything is to poison myself. The whole gift of being that was given at my conception must flow out from my soul and into Life.

It’s for my joy to fully exhale all that God breaths into me. Let it flow.

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