Netflix Does Not Have My Best Interest


I watch Netflix because I’m too tired to do anything else. The kids are finally sleeping and I’m spent.

It’s meant to be a quick escape from life before I do what I really need to do which is sleep.

But then Netflix launches the attack!

  1. They release every episode to a show all at once.
  2. They give me 3 seconds to stop the next show from automatically playing.

I’m too tired to get up and stop the next episode! I’m watching because I’m too tired to do anything else. Theres not sufficient willpower to instantly stop the next show once the current one finishes resulting in me watching TV way later than I want to and becoming even more tired the next day. A vicious cycle.

What if Netflix gave me 60 seconds to savor the last scene of that episode, see some credits, listen to some music, and decide if I want to make a good choice for my health or not.

What if I could set my computer to force shut down after a given time frame. Set that up before the show starts. And it would need to really force close everything. If it gave me a popup to confirm I’d probably dismiss it. I can’t trust myself past 9pm.

Netflix, your defaults are not looking out for me.

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